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The New Residential Hub Of Hyderabad – Adibatla

Luxury Flats For Sale

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Be it the ever-so-busy HITEC city filled with many bright minds, the historical grandeur and royalty of Golconda Fort, or the mouth-watering delicacies like Kebabs and Biryani to name a few, Hyderabad seems to have it all. With a unique blend of the two kinds of lifestyles of small towns as well as the metropolitans, Hyderabad offers you the best luxury flats for sale of both worlds. The city has certainly given many reasons to a lot of people to choose it as their hometown.

If the essence of this city has worked its charm upon you as well and you are considering having your living space somewhere amidst the beauty of this place, Adibatla can be your pick for the purpose. The rapidly developing and newly emerging residential hub of Hyderabad has a lot to offer to someone considering purchasing their beloved home here. Being one of the highly-promising locations in the city in terms of growth and development, the location bears multiple perks to its credit, some of which are:

Luxury flats for sale An early advantage better be claimed

Call it the luxury of starting from scratch or a fresh slate, but Adibatla has it to its advantage. With numerous real estate projects taking birth in this newfound residential hub of Hyderabad, the standards of construction are also heightened. As the place rapidly moves forward on its journey of development, more and more luxury flats for sale are being built in Adibatla.

But here is the catch! Being an untapped treasure for the masses, the property prices in Adibatla are far less right now as compared to the lavish life that they promise. Simply put, you can get all the facilities like gated security, swimming pool, well-furnished home, premium interiors, and gym among many other advantages, and that too while saving multiple lakhs of your hard-earned money.

Very accessible location

Let’s admit it; nobody likes to spend some extra time on the daily commute from home to school, workplace, or market. Adibatla seems to be taking care of this need of its residents as well with 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxury flats for sale. The place has very well-connected routes to all the key locations be it schools, coaching centers, hospitals, banks, offices, and shopping malls. Located at 22km from Hyderabad, Adibatla is 6km away from the Outer Ring Road, 12.1km from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, and the Central Railway Station at about 22km of distance. To top it all off, the ever-ready TSRTC Bus Service has a significant volume of buses passing through the area and easing the commute for its residents.

Plenty of employment in the neighborhood

Talking about the rapid development of Adibatla, the picture is not only confined to the residential spaces and extends very well to the corporations and companies. Adibatla has seen a rise in the companies willing to establish their offices in the region, and it is not just a statement on the paper.

Emerging as a future powerhouse of Hyderabad in terms of IT, Security, and Aerospace, the place has already seen growth with Tata SEZ and TCS Adibatla offices being opened and currently functioning successfully in the region. Moreover, the Government of Telangana has also moved its glance toward Adibatla for the Aerospace projects and has set aside 1000 acres of land between Adibatla and Ibrahimpatnam. Additionally, another 1000 acres have been segregated for Military projects near Ibrahimpatnam.

Not only this, more and more companies across various domains like IT and manufacturing, are planning to set up their offices in Adibatla. All of this simply adds up to one advantage for the residents of Adibatla, and that is increased employment opportunities. Having a residence so close to their workplace cuts down a lot on the time and expense being made on traveling to and from the workplace, and is one of the key reasons for people to prefer Adibatla as a residence.

High return on investment

The rapid development of Adibatla is evident with so many real estate projects being brought to life in the location. With so many buyers already putting their money on the table and showing interest in buying the luxury flats for sale, there is no denying the fact that the property prices are going to experience a sharp rise in the future. Having a house in Adibatla makes it a win-win for the very same reason.

A ton of buyers are simply impressed by the high-quality construction and luxury flats for sale that is being built in Adibatla. On the other hand, a lot of buyers are putting in their money due to the high resale value being promised by the locality. Whatever might be the reason, one guaranteed outcome in all the scenarios is the same, which is a high return on investment.

To conclude it all, Adibatla has a lot more in store for the ones planning to have a residence of their own in the region. With more and more residential projects being set up in the locality, big players are coming in and some high-quality construction work is under progress. Eventually, Adibatla is destined to become a locality with a lot of luxury apartments, well-constructed and connected roads, efficient water management and drainage, transport facilities, and plenty of job opportunities.

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