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Adibatla – The Next Hub of Quality Homes

Residential Apartments

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Picking residential apartments as your ideal home is a choice that involves plenty of permutations and a lot of concerns are there to be addressed. The locality should be good, regular supply of electricity and water must be there, transportation facilities must be sound, key locations like market, etc. must be accessible, and what not? And when the city is Hyderabad, these expectations from a locality automatically increase. With more and more people looking towards Hyderabad for its quality lifestyle and the immense job opportunities that the city offers, there is an equal increase in the demand for residential apartments.

In recent years, Adibatla has emerged as the next go-to location for the residents to enjoy a peaceful and luxurious apartment lifestyle. The area cited as the next IT hub, has already started to prove itself as a very promising residential hub of Hyderabad. Well, there are numerous reasons why Adibatla ticks all the parameters of becoming a residential hub and all of them seem to be valid enough. Let’s have a look at the reasons why Adibatla has emerged as a prominent choice for housing in Hyderabad.

Outcomes of a quality construction

With its newfound potential of being the next big thing in the housing space, residential apartments near Adibatla have seen a tremendous rise in real estate projects backed by some of the top-notch builders in the game. Being situated on the outskirts of the city and a vast majority of the real-estate projects being residential apartments, Adibatla has easily managed to establish itself as the next most sought-after residential hub of the city.

One of the main outcomes of having big players take up the task of building houses in the area is the enhanced quality of construction. With strong, spacious, and robust architectural planning, Adibatla seems very promising to the potential residents in terms of space, comfort, and quality of life. From electricity to water supply to drainage and sewage, everything has been put in place with proper planning.

Transportation and accessibility

Merely hearing the word outskirts creates a visual of a locality that is far from all the key locations like schools, offices, markets, parks, or hospitals. But this is clearly not the case with Adibatla as all the key locations are well within reach for its residents. From schools and coaching centers to banks and offices, everything is just a few minutes away from the residents of Adibatla.

Other than this, the place has very well-connected routes and steady transportation facilities. With Outer Ring Road at a distance of 6km, the area is in close proximity to Sagar Highway and Srisailam Highway as well. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and the Central Railway Station are also at a distance of 12.1km and 22km respectively from Adibatla. Apart from the regularly available transports like taxis and E-Rickshaws, the area also has TSRTC Buses regularly accommodating the passengers to and from the area throughout the day.

High potential for growth

Owing to its close proximity to plenty of employment opportunities in some of the best organizations, Adibatla is on the same track as the likes of HITEC City and Gachibowli which saw an exponential rise in property prices as more and more people started to settle in these areas.

Having many amenities and high-quality constructions, currently, the prices of properties in Adibatla are substantially low and offer a very promising deal to all potential buyers. In the past two years, the area has seen a rise in the number of property buyers and the prices are already looking at an uptrend for the coming years. Buying a property at this point makes it a win-win situation for the people looking for residential apartments or planning to rent out their property for some good returns on investment.

Amenities for a luxurious lifestyle

Another reason for Adibatla becoming a preferred choice for home-buyers is the wide variety of benefits that it has to offer. With plenty of 2 BHK and 3 BHK residential apartments in the area, providing a modern and luxurious lifestyle to the residents has become a norm. Housing projects in Adibatla are looking forward to providing their residents with amenities ranging from health and wellness to entertainment and shopping.

Having a clubhouse has become very common for all the 2 BHK and 3 BHK residential apartments in Adibatla. To top it all, there are a wide range of amenities including a swimming pool, air-conditioned gym, basketball court, yoga and wellness centers, massage rooms, departmental stores, multipurpose halls, movie hall, etc. to enhance the quality of life of the residents and provide them with a luxurious lifestyle.

Keeping all of these pros aside, the mere fact that most of the residential apartments in Adibatla are housing societies makes it an even more desirable bet for prospective buyers. The kind of privacy offered by a housing society is something that is preferred by everyone. Other than this, the dedicated personal parking space, no excessive noise of the vehicles passing by, regular maintenance services, overall hygiene and cleanliness, presence of lush green lawns and parks, and the safety provided by the housing societies are also a big plus for anyone looking to have residential apartments in Adibatla.

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